Lyft hires Obama administration’s top transportation official

Thanks again to our host!!! Trekkers April Great downtown location. Our host was so welcoming when we arrived. We chatted endlessly -comparing our travels in a Roadtrek. We hope to be able to reciprocate when she travels north to our neighbourhood in Ontario. See you this summer! There is a park nearby, and lots of little shops. It is in the city, and there is quite a bit of construction, so it might take a little more time finding your way around, but it is quite a nice spot when you get there. Host was out of town, but responded quickly.

Uber And Lyft Drivers Share Their Most WTF Stories.

August 29, at 8: Some spoke about the friends they had made through Lyft. One driver liked how it provided a safe and convenient option for his kids to get home after a night out.

Why Lyft? Work When You Want Keep All of Your Tips Same Day Payment w/ Express Pay Friendly Community Requirements: 21+ years old or newer car.

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Budweiser and Lyft hook up to give free rides to folks who are drunk

I caught a guy’s eye in the elevator. He followed me to my room. I was recently in Taos doing research on a book that I hope to publish about Mexicans, when I was weedling away an afternoon at a local antique shop.

Related stories: Sacramento taxi companies need to up their game to compete with Uber, Lyft, Sidecar Meanwhile, government should step back and not over-regulate this new business.

City by city, Uber is upending the taxi business, even though its rides can be pricier than cabs. So whats the hook?. The story might have ended there,. In an Ask Reddit thread, Uber drivers tell stories of secrets theyve overheard or been told by passengers. Having sex with customers.. You guys are horny little bastards.

Just remember, dont be a fool, wrap your tool. Thats the kind of mentality that makes people great. Uber drivers of Reddit, what are your most memorable passengers Jul 4,

Uber, Lyft owe more to female passengers – including the chance to pick their drivers | Perspective

The Crazy Cougar and Wild Coyote blog Tribune’s Lara Weber attacks Uber and Lyft with abrasive editorial critique of industry that threatens her beloved taxi industry Terry Blue Lara Weber must of received some contributions from the Taxi industry because the tribune member of the editorial board wrote a column about why she wouldn’t be taking Uber or Lyft ever again. Lara knows little of the business model Uber and Lyft are trying to create and if left alone by government and pro-taxi editorials these companies would thrive and put these taxi industries in the graveyard were they belong.

The taxi industry has long been about inefficient easy gigs for immigrants wasting fuel driving around on dead nights such as Sundays.

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Uber, Lyft owe more to female passengers – including the chance to pick their drivers Perspective Posted: May 17, – Her brown hair falling messily into her face, she stared hard at her phone as if focusing were a chore, and then bent low to peer into my car, her gaze glassy but skeptical. When I greeted her, her relief was so familiar, so palpable, one would have thought she’d just shed a pound rucksack from her slim shoulders.

Her reaction was understandable in light of the statement she made next. I’m so happy I got a lady Lyft driver,” Adrienne declared, plopping down in the back. She punctuated her point by patting my seat, perhaps as confirmation that I really was in the car and not a mirage she had imagined under the influence. I smiled and said, “Yeah, girl, I get it. Let’s get you home safe,” and set off for her destination.

The truth is, Adrienne had no idea just how much I do “get it. When I drive at night, I’ve observed so many faces lighting up when they see me at the wheel, I joke that I should don robes and a halo, the guardian angel of women ride-share passengers. Female cabbies are rare in Philly, but ride-sharing apps have opened new avenues for women drivers.

When I first joined the Lyft community last year, I wondered naively what all the excitement was about. Female passengers don’t know a thing about me, I don’t know a thing about them, and we’ve never seen each other before.

Letters for July 17, 2014

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Video of a ‘drunk Lyft driver’ plowing over the sidewalk outside a bar and striking several people

I agree that some yahoos screw up traffic patternd and cause accidents and anger. Better off schooling people in proper human behavior now that it has been removed from a lot of lives. When I started driving 53 years ago roads were narrow and crowded, people were curtious. Driving was part of the fun experience of going on vacation, even spending hours stopped, no airconditioning, all windows open, people talked to each other or listened politely to the radio.

When I drive I keep a degree pattern of where traffic is in my head, called self defence. I am like you in really watching around me at all times.

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Tonight is a new dating app optimized for real dates

Uber hookup stories An impromptu hookup To find out more, read our. A note about relevant advertising: Turns out it was a totally different shannon who coincidentally called a cab to the same office building at the exact same time.

Lyft driver pulls out a gun & tells passenger ‘I want to kill’ gay people the gay hookup app. Ryalls’ goal is to document both his and other stories about the difficulties faced in.

Lyft has hired IPO advisor Class V Group LLC to work closely with management as they embark on the process, said people familiar with the discussions who asked not to be identified because the matter is supposed to be private. The company plans to begin taking pitches from banks as soon as September, targeting March or April for the listing, the people said.

Should it go public before Uber, around the same time, or after? Going first would enable Lyft to set expectations for ride-hailing companies, draw attention away from its larger rival and lock up investor money before Uber. Yet in going first, Lyft would risk the possibility that investors hold out for its more valuable rival. Typically, similar companies avoid listing at the same time because it may be difficult to drum up as much investor interest.

They also sometimes fear being compared too closely to a competitor if the rival falters. Firms that underwrite the deal of one company cannot also underwrite its direct competitors because of potential conflicts of interest.

Tech companies’ newest cause celebre? Boycott Breitbart

By Michal Lev-Ram Updated: July 19, 3: Could a bold bet on driverless cars help the pink-mustache startup take the lead?

Before we show you the video, we’ll fill you in on what happened before the video (from what we can gather). Apparently, this gay man, named Robert Ortiz, got into Lyft with two friends after leaving a .

Tech Industry Tech companies’ newest cause celebre? But some companies remain. But throw in corporate shaming with some political wrangling, and the topic gets downright interesting. The right-wing news and opinion site, formerly run by senior Trump aide Steve Bannon, has been criticized as a platform for conspiracy theories and racism. Bannon himself called Breitbart “the platform of the ‘alt-right,"” a loose, online movement of people promoting the notion of “white identity ,” including white supremacists and those advocating for a separate white homeland.

Sleeping Giants decided to get companies to block their ads from appearing on the site. And in doing so it learned that because of the way online ads are sold, few advertisers know where their ads appear. So far about companies have blocked their ads on Breitbart, according to Sleeping Giants. Ride-hailing company Uber, which has been called out by Sleeping Giants for its ads on the site, has now also decided to block Breitbart. Uber’s rival Lyft had earlier decided to bar the site.

Sleeping Giants alerts ride-hailing service Uber that it has ads on Breitbart News. By the way, at the same time, we also tweeted:

Taxi Flings Take a Back Seat to Uber

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From August 4 through 30, the Gene Siskel Film Center welcomes one and all to our 24th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival, a month-long celebration of the stories, dreams, history, and legacy of African Americans and the African diaspora, as interpreted by independent filmmakers from around the .

A customer who saw the robbery was now on the witness stand. The prosecutor asked him to describe what he saw. He said that he saw two guys robbing the store and then running out, and one of them bumped into him. Then the prosecutor looked at the two perps and said, ‘Are those two men in the courtroom today? The prosecutor didn’t ask the witness ‘Did you see the defendants at the store? He told the witness to say something like, ‘On that day I saw two men I think that’s pretty impressive.

She disputed it, and we had a tenancy arbitration. I submitted a video of people walking up to her window like a Burger Crack drive-thru, plus brought in her neighbor as a witness.


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